Take Advantage of the 2021 US Summer Promotion 

June 1st – August 31st

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Trade In: Your Existing EtherLynx Camera

Receive: $1,298 Upgrade Credit & Free Internal Battery

EasyAlign 2-D Video Alignment Software ScreenshotAs part of the 2021 US Summer Promotion, we are offering a generous EtherLynx camera trade-in program to encourage the adoption of our Vision Camera technology. You can trade-in your existing EtherLynx camera (of any age or condition) and receive a $1,298 credit toward the purchase of a new EtherLynx Vision color camera with EasyAlign mode. During the Summer Promotion, you’ll also receive a free Internal Battery Backup Add-On with your new Vision. That means you can purchase a brand new EtherLynx Vision Camera with EasyAlign and an Internal Battery for just $3,697 plus the cost of a lens.

When applicable, the Timer-Enabled Option (5LTE) and High Resolution Option (5LHR) will transfer to the new Vision Camera at 100% of their values. For example, a timer-enabled EtherLynx 2000+ with High Resolution (2,000 fps @ 1,000 pixels) will be traded for a timer-enabled Vision with High Resolution (2,000 fps @ 1,280 pixels). Other optional Vision add-ons like LuxBoost or Electronic Filter Control can be added for an additional cost at the time of purchase.

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Special Trade-In Bonus: Free Internal Battery Backup Add-on

Trade in your existing 5L100, 5L200, or 5L420 camera this summer and you’ll also receive a free Internal Battery Backup along with your new Vision camera. The Internal Battery is a very popular feature and serves several functions:

  1. Automatically switches the camera to battery power in the event of a power loss
  2. Allows the camera to run for up to 60 minutes without external power
  3. Sends automatic software alerts when the camera loses power
  4. Shows the power source and battery levels within the FinishLynx software

Trade-In Example

Current Model Trade-In Value
5L100 | 5L200 | 5L420 Receive $1,298 towards purchase of Vision ($4,995 value)

View the 5L500 Vision Camera Datasheet & Features

Purchase: A FinishLynx Camera Upgrade

Receive: Free Service & Recertification

Take advantage of the 2021 Summer Promotion by choosing one of our great camera upgrade offers. Add upgrades to any (or all) of your cameras and you’ll get Free Service & Recertification (a $395 value) when you send it back to Lynx.

See the table to the right for a list of applicable upgrades.

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Cameras Available Upgrades
5L500 Vision Timing, LuxBoost, High-Res., VDM
5L600 Vision PRO Timing, LuxBoost8, 6K, 20K, VDM
EtherLynx 2000+ Timing, High-Resolution
EtherLynx PRO Timing, 5K Res., 10K Res.
EtherLynx Fusion Timing
Note: Upgrades not available on 5L100 & 5L200 series cameras

Summer Promo Upgrades – Eligible for Free Service & Recertification

Upgrade Description Cost
LuxBoost LuxBoost amplifies available light for better photo-finish images in low-light conditions (See a sample image). Requires a Vision or Vision PRO Camera.  $995
Video Display Module The Video Display Module (VDM) enables the live display of Lynx running time, results, and images on a video display connected to the HDMI port of  Vision cameras. Connect a compatible display to the camera back and instantly show live results. View Demo VideoRequires a Vision or Vision PRO camera.  $595
Timing Add the Timing option to an existing non-Timer Enabled reverse angle/alternate finish line camera. This not only allows it to function as a backup to your primary camera, but also run as a separate, fully independent system by adding a separate start system.  $3,495
High-Resolution Vision Series: Increase max resolution from 1,000 fps to 2,000 fps and maximum image height from 640 pixels to 1,280.  

2000+ Series: Increase max resolution from 1,000 fps to 2,000 fps and maximum image height from 500 pixels to 1,000.


EtherLynx Camera Trade-In Program

Want to upgrade to a new Vision camera instead? Trade in your existing EtherLynx camera for $1,298 toward the purchase of a new full-color Vision camera with EasyAlign, Power-over-Ethernet, and several other new features. View the Camera Trade-In Page for more info.

Purchase: A LaserLynx EDM DeviceLaserLynx Electronic Distance Measurement

Receive: Free FieldLynx LITE License

Electronic distance measurement devices have long been considered too cost prohibitive for many track programs. We are excited to offer a great price on the LaserLynx EDM system: $3,295LaserLynx is a laser-based electronic distance measurement device that produces accurate, computer-generated measurements for field events (Shotput, Javelin, Discus, Hammer, Long Jump, Triple Jump). LaserLynx can be used with FieldLynx LITE for fast measurement/scoring calculations, or combined with the full FieldLynx software to integrate measurements across the network with meet management databases, scoreboards, and announcer applications. When you purchase a new LaserLynx unit as part of the Summer Promotion, you’ll also receive a free FieldLynx LITE software license.

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Summer Promotion Bonus – FieldLynx LITE SoftwareFieldLynx Lite Software Screenshot

FieldLynx LITE allows officials to measure horizontal jumps, vertical jumps, and throwing events at track meets. LaserLynx EDM lasers will interface with FieldLynx LITE, which can in turn connect to a wind gauge and/or compatible scoreboard. Unlike the full version of FieldLynx, FieldLynx LITE does not integrate with meet management databases. Instead, it allows officials to capture and display electronic distance measurements in real-time directly from a netbook. FieldLynx LITE comes complete with the following plug-ins:

  • LaserLynx Plug-in: For laser measurement of horizontal jumps and throwing events
  • Scoreboard Plug-in: For displaying real-time event data on a connected scoreboard
  • Wind Gauge Plug-in: For managing wind readings for horizontal jump events

View the LaserLynx PRO datasheet (.pdf)

Contact Nora today to learn more about your Summer Promo options. 

Purchase: An IdentiLynx+ or IdentiLynx XR+ Package

Receive: Free Shipping & Free Camera Housing

When you purchase an IdentiLynx camera package this summer, you’ll also receive a free plexi-glass outdoor housing unit and free standard shipping with your order. IdentiLynx is an Ethernet-based digital video camera that captures full-frame video and integrates it with the photo-finish captures inside FinishLynx.

IdentiLynx video is time-synchronized with your FinishLynx capture so you can select anywhere in the photo-finish image and watch the head-on video jump to precisely the same moment in time. You can also advance and rewind the video one frame at a time to easily identify athletes from bib numbers or team affiliation.

Watch an IdentiLynx Video Demo Now

IdentiLynx Packages Include:

  • IdentiLynx Full-Frame Video Camera
  • Power-Over-Ethernet Power Module
  • Tripod and All Necessary Cables
  • PLUS Free Standard Shipping
  • PLUS Free Plexi-Glass Housing

Get Your Trade-In QuoteIdentiLynx PLUS series plexiglass cover

Camera Model IdentiLynx+ (product link) IdentiLynx XR+ (product link)
US List Price $1,995 $2,495
Key Features – Remote Control Lens (Focus, Iris, Zoom) – Remote Control Lens (Focus, Iris, Zoom)
– Extended Resolutions up to 5MP
Max Resolution 1,280 x 720 at 30 fps
(0.9 Megapixels)
2,592 x 1,944 at 15 fps
(5.04 Megapixels)
Max Frame Rate 30 fps (all resolutions) 30 fps (at 1,920 x 1,080)
Resolution 1 1,280 x 720 (30 fps) 2,592 x 1,944 (15 fps)
Resolution 2 720 x 480 (30 fps) 1,920 x 1,080 (30 fps)
Resolution 3 320 x 240 (30 fps) 1,280 x 720 (30 fps)

Purchase: An Extended Warranty

Receive: Free Service & Recertification

Rain on Track

When you purchase an Extended Warranty for your EtherLynx camera during the Summer Promotion, you’ll also receive a 25-Point Camera Service & Recertification (normally $395) free. Extended Warranties are a fantastic way to protect your investment. 

There are 1, 2, and 3-year warranties available, each of which offers complete camera coverage:

  • All Parts & Labor on the Camera
  • Extensive Technical Support
  • Eligibility for Hot Swaps



PLUS FREE Service & Recertification

1-Year $595 photo-finish camera certification
2-Year $995
3-Year $1,295
Note: 5L100, 5L200, 5L300, & 5L400 series cameras are not eligible for the Summer Promotion Extended Warranty

Free Bonus 

When you Purchase a Camera Upgrade or Extended Warranty During the Summer Promotion

photo-finish camera certification

When you send in your camera for an upgrade, it will also receive a professional Service & Recertification. Our technicians will complete a 25-point checklist to ensure that your camera is working flawlessly, testing key components and replacing them when necessary. The service includes running each camera for a full 24-hour diagnostic test period, performing a Zero Gun Test as described by the IAAF, and renewing the Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator that controls the timing functionality.

Upon completion, Lynx will attach a new Certificate of Compliance and update your records with a new certificate of accuracy. The Service & Recertification process is normally valued at $395, but it is free when you purchase an applicable upgrade during this year’s Summer Promotion.

Pro-Tip: The IAAF recommends that photo-finish equipment be certified for accuracy every 4 years (see IAAF Rule 165:14).

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